The Artist

Romuald Picard

Romuald Picard was born in 1968 in Paris, where he received culinary training. While working at a number of restaurants on both sides of the Atlantic, he was often startled and inspired by the hidden beauty of an umbrella left behind, an emptied Champagne bottle, or some other seemingly ordinary object.

For seven years he lived in New York, where he started to collect umbrellas, mannequins, TV screens, metal parts and others, which he transformed into functional installations and art pieces.

Once established in the San Francisco Bay Area, Romuald developed a network of peers who helped him expand his collection of artistic supplies: his palette of wine foil, for example, now spans hundreds of hues. This allowed him to create large yet intricate pieces such as The Dancer and The Butterfly.

In 2011 some of Romuald’s work is on display at the Warholian Mua Lounge in Oakland’s Uptown district.